Friday, April 13, 2007

Update from Dave (s/v La Vie) 04-13-07

Update from Dave (s/v La Vie) 04-13-07

Since my last update back in December I've been busy traveling the North and South Islands of New Zealand, interviewing potential crew and preparing the boat for the upcoming cruising season. New Zealand is a beautiful country and I've certainly enjoyed my stay, but I'm now more than ready to move on to the warmer climes and new adventures amongst the many tropical islands on this years itinerary.

Winter is rapidly making its presence felt here in New Zealand with temps dropping into the fifties at night and more frequent rain and cloud. Two weeks ago we had a 36 hour rain event that dumped seventeen inches. Landslides and extensive flooding ravaged the area. A 45' boat in the boatyard was blown over and another boat that was ashore for repairs was hit by a mudslide and nearly capsized, roads were blocked for 2 days and water and electricity cut off as well.

Both of my new crew are now aboard La Vie. Christopher 26 years old, has masters in Geology and has traveled extensively in SE Asia as well as traveling/working in NZ recently. Kathy, a 36 year old Biotech sales manager has recently completed her MBA and 6 months of travel in Central and South America, NZ and Australia. We've enjoyed some good sailing in the Bay of Islands and beyond over this past Easter weekend giving everyone some time to familiarize themselves with the boat. Our food shopping is complete and we are now ready to depart for Tonga or possibly Fiji as soon as the weather next permits. Possibly, we'll depart as soon as April 17th if our professional weather router, a NZ meteorologist gives us the OK for the seven to ten day passage north.

Once we are sailing I plan more frequent updates, however I'll be posting the updates to my web blog in lieu of sending out emails. This change will mean checking the web blog for updates if lieu receiving emails. If interested you could subscribe

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