Thursday, May 03, 2007

NZ to Tonga day 2

May 3, 2007 NZ to Tonga day 2

Another great day of sailing with an average speed today of 6.4 knots which should give us just over 150nm for the day. Chris and Kathy are doing great and unaffected by any sea sickness. Chris is already reading books a great sign that he is pretty immune to seasickness. I awoke this AM feeling great as well having gained my sea legs after a few hours of sleep. Kathy isn't getting the rest she'd like as of yet, but this should come with time and is unaffected by the sea. Nice weather with mostly clear skies and slightly warmer temps already. We sighted another sailboat today our friends on s/v Moorea who are bound for Minerva reef then on to Fiji. We could make out the shape of a boat at about four miles distant and called them on the radio for a quick chat. The wind is in the process of shifting from NW to SE and has pretty much disappeared during the transition. Unfortunately, we have so little wind that I decided to run the engine for a few hours until the wind fills back in from the new direction. I hate to run the noisy engine, but it's better than hearing the sails slamming as the swells rock the boat and the sails back wind. It also gives us the chance to generate additional electricity for the newly installed water maker and additional computer time. Normally we are 100% alternative energy with our daily energy needs covered by solar panels and the wind generator. This is a great set ups as we can avoid running the engine to generate electricity. The new water makers energy footprint has yet to be determined so I'm reserving it's use for only very sunny days and when operating the engine.

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