Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rain squalls and gusty winds today

Rain squalls packing gusty winds are quite frequent today giving the watch person a good pressure wash from time to time as the interior occupants get a through agitation from the crazy wave action. We're keeping the cabin closed up to keep out Mother Nature and King Neptune and consequently the temperature is now up to a muggy eighty plus degrees.

Visions of future snorkel expeditions dance in our heads as we try our best to get some rest between watches. Sea temperatures are quickly approaching my personal favorite of eighty one degrees, although it's still a wee chilly seventy six. Sometime late this evening our winds are predicted to disappear and remain nonexistent for the duration of our passage. We have three hundred fifty six miles remaining to Fiji and need to squeeze as many more miles out of the wind as possible to maintain a comfortable reserve of fuel as it seems extensive motoring may be required to reach our destination of Lautoka, Fiji.

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