Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sailing for Tonga

We are officially underway for Tonga. We departed NZ around 4pm Wednesday May 2, 2007 and as I write it is now 2am on May 3 and we are enjoying some brisk sailing. Both Chris and Kathy are doing great standing their assigned watches and fortunately, both of them are feeling well and seem to be unaffected as of yet by any sea sickness. I on the other hand always feel a bit ill for the first 12-24 hours of offshore passages and today is no exception.

The wind has steadily increased from 8 knots in the Bay of Islands up to a current 18 knots making for some impressive hourly runs of up to 7.5 nautical miles. A nautical mile as about 1.14 statute miles. We have a full moon and mostly clear skies so we couldn't ask for much more ideal conditions.

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