Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weather improving May 6, 2007

The weather outlook is improving. The computer models now show the Low moving more to the east of our our intended route and as an added bonus the Low is not expected to deepen as much as initially forecast. This translates into lower wind velocities for us as the low approaches and passes and the choice to sail a more direct route to Fiji.

Our local weather is also making significant changes with air temperatures dropping only to 72 at night and the water now up to 73 degrees. What this means is that the warm clothes we needed the first few days out of NZ can our now be traded for tee shirts and shorts. The humidity is rising as well and the trade off with the warmer air will be more frequent tropical showers. We went for a swim a few days ago and the water was a comfortable 69 in stark contrast to the 63 waters of NZ on my last swim.

Everyone is doing great on board and getting acclimated to the sea, sleep disturbing watch schedule and more intimately familiar and competent with the operation of the boat. All is well on board with 490nm under our keel and 650nm or so to go to Musket Cove, Fiji.

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