Wednesday, October 31, 2007

810 miles under the keel and only 214 to go

October 31, 2007 0650 UTC
22°36.1306 S
155°27.7227 E

810 miles under the keel and only 214 to go to Bundaberg, Australia.

The log book entries so far today:

0100 D Ship sighted by K has safely passed astern.
0200 D Some clouds.
0300 D Innumerous stars.
0400 K Bright moon
0500 K Sea calming
0600 K Sunrise 0550
0700 D Average speed 6.61 knots
0800 D Sunny Skies!
0900 D Beautiful sailing!
1000 D Perfect Day
1100 K K made big breakfast
1200 K K took shower
1300 K Lovely day
1400 K Average speed 6.94 knots
1500 D D shower and shave.
1600 D Great sailing
1700 D Same sail set for 24 hours
1800 D Curry Fish & rice

For EACH hour are the following entries:

Time (Local in Military format)
Watch person (D or K)
Notes (Comments on voyage)
Latitude (Degrees and minutes)
Longitude (Degrees and minutes)
Wind speed and direction (Knots and direction True)
Wave height and direction (Meters and cardinal directions Magnetic)
Barometric pressure (Millibar)
Course made good (True direction for last hour)
Distance made good (Nautical miles covered in last hour)

A few of the many reasons we keep a detailed hourly log book on La Vie:
In the event of a power failure (i.e. loss of all five GPS units) we have a last know position accurate to within less than one hour. This postions enables effective dead reckoning and celestial navigation.
We monitor our position hourly creating considerable redundancy to catch possible navigation errors.
We closely hourly evaluate changes in wind speed, direction, swell direction and size and barometric pressure all important indicators of impending sever weather and to facilitate ongoing refinement to course and sailing tactics.
We closely monitor engine use, fuel consumption and maintenance schedules.
We enter important radio transmissions or other events as the Ships log book is a legal document.
We keep a iron clad routine regarding log entries and thereby it provides the watch person something to look forward to during watches (i.e. it keeps them alert and attuned).
We establish and ensure consistent watch schedules, radio schedules, etc.

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