Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fish log

Kathy here.

Well here we are somewhere in the South Pacific on passage. It officially been 2 full days with about 5 more to go. We work the shifts such that during daylight from 6 am to 6 pm we each do a 4 hour watch and then at night we change that to 3 hour watches. It seems to work well and every other day we get the opposite watch so it evens everything out.

Now is the time when full boredom kicks in. During this boredom I think of extremely intellectual challenging things to do, such as, see how slowly I can eat a grapefruit. Another task I decided to tackle is a fish log. Dave and I talked about keeping a fish log so we can brag about it later, but keep forgetting. So we did some brainstorming and came up with what we think a pretty accurate list of what we've caught this past season. I hope the formatting transmits ok.

Country Location Fish size outcome
New Zealand
Bay of Islands King Fish 2.5ft ate
Bay of Islands Kahawai (5) 2ft ate only 1

Kandavu Wahoo 5ft too big, let it go
Taveuni Mahi 4ft ate
Savusavu Marlin 6ft lost at boat
Yandua Mackerel (6) 2-4ft gave to cruisers
Trevaly (2) 2-3ft ate 1 gave 1 away
Yandua to Veti Levu Mackerel 3ft ate
Yellow fin 3ft ate
Dorado 3ft ate
Channel to Lautoka thin silver fish 3ft let it go
Malolo Trevaly 2ft ate

Fiji to Tanna Skipjack 2ft ate
Tanna to Erromongo Mahi 5ft gave 1/2 to village
Cook Reef Wahoo 6ft gave 1/2 away. We ate the rest for a while
Malakula Barracuda 3ft let it go
Luganville Yellow fin 2ft ate
Skipjack 2ft ate
Gaua Barracuda 2.5ft let it go
Waterfall to Ureparapara Rainbow runner 2ft ate
Dogfish tuna 15kg gave away
Reef Islands Dogfish tuna 15kg ate
Vanua Lava to Malakula Mahi 2.5ft ate
Malakula Rainbow runner (2) 2ft Let it go
Malakula to Efate Rainbow runner 2ft ate

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