Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The many Chiefs of Waterfall Bay

The many Chiefs of Waterfall Bay

The Greater Waterfall Bay area houses perhaps twenty families and is being a three hour walk from the nearest "big village" of three hundred it is quite rural. However, there is no absence of Chiefs in the Waterfall bay area with no less than three claiming supreme power.

Chief Kurley claims to be "hereditary" Chief. The serious Chief Kurley far and away controls the best bit of real estate including the only all weather canoe landing point for many miles in either direction, he also runs the well organized Waterfall Bay Yacht Club. In local terms he is quite wealthy and it shows in the many buildings of his compound and newly built yacht club on the north side of the falls.

Next, is Chief Jimmy claiming to be the popularly elected Chief. It seems you couldn't pack a more jovial man into the small package Chief Jimmy occupies in just over five feet. Chief Jimmy has a large fun loving musically inclined family and when everyone is around they man a full blown string band. Chief Jimmy loves to "tok-tok" (talk) trash about Chief Kurly. Chief Kurly doesn't tok-tok trash, but likes to assert he has supreme power of the area and suggests new arrivals ignore Jimmy. Friendship comes quickly in the presence of the witty and tok-tokative Chief Jimmy and one easily understands his rise to power as the locally elected popular chief of the people. Jimmy holds on to the second best piece of real estate that adjoins the south side of the spectacular waterfall.

Chief Nikson claims Chiefly title as well, but location being the name of the game is out of the scene as he is quite a distance from the tourist attracting falls. Nikson primarily commerce is the sale of fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and lobster. However, he has much competition from the other families and his only advantage is a close proximity to the yacht anchorage.

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