Friday, November 16, 2007

Gaua Arts Festival

Kastom (traditional) grade-taking ceremonies mark the steps taken by influential chiefs as they move up through a formal system of grades, gaining power and rank. Each step is marked by the ritual killing of pigs and gifts of taro root and shell money. Each rank progressivley requires more pigs. A feast follows. The Pig the chief has his foot on was just ceremoniously clubbed to death. It was pretty gruesome as special club didn't pack quite enough punch and it took way too many swings to dispatch the pig.
Kastom High chief of whom the conducted the grade taking cerimony.
Dancers with great Kastom (traditional) costumes.
This Kastom dance performance was very lively and seemed to be the crowd favorite.

Cruisers Kathy & Chris of s/v Two by Sea enjoy the show in the shade of an enormous banyan tree.

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