Thursday, November 22, 2007

Landed in Australia

We are now in Bundaberg, Australia and docked for the first time since April. With the boat secure to a dock I can relax my duty as skipper. No weather worries, radio schedules, anchor alarms, weather analysis or route planning fetter my days. We are at the Midtown marina located on the Burnett River lying 6nm inland from the sea. The location is superb and just a few blocks to shops in center of town, very close to the outdoor public pool, and right on the river trail. The plan was to head further south to the Brisbane area, but... it was just too easy to stay here. We are now officially landed as we bought cheap mountain bikes and spending much of our time ashore.

Australians are super nice, very outgoing, genuine and relaxed.

Bundaberg is the regional center of the larger farming community. Sugar cane grows in abundance and supplies the local mill. The Bundaberg Rum factory makes use of all the sugar cane to produce famous Bundaberg Rum The town has a nice central business district, lots of small shops and a few blocks that are very pedestrian friendly.

Pick up trucks are replaced with "Utes" or Utility Vehicles descend from 1970’s Chevy El Caminos and Ford Rancheros with a flat bed on the back and a V-8 under the hood.

Strong accents are the norm.

Here are a few new Ausie vocab words

Wack = Give it a try.

G’day = Good day

Milk bar = small convenience store

Whinge = Complain

Esky = Cooler

Sanger = Sandwich

Mate = General term of familiarity regardless if you know the person or not.

Good on ya = Well done

No worries = No problem or you are welcome

Bush = Anywhere away from the city.

Ripper = Good

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