Sunday, January 27, 2008

La Vie SOLD?

La Vie is under contract (i.e. more or less sold). A wonderful couple from Southern Australia viewed the boat this past weekend, made an offer, and I've accepted. It's simultaneously a very happy and very sad moment. Happiness that the new owners are great people and a prompt sale, yet sadness that our carefully loved and cared for yacht of so many wonderful memories, will no longer be home.

The hand-over may be complete by mid-February so the wheels are churning to determine what, when and where is next.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beneteau First 405 FOR SALE

La Vie our trusty Beneteau First 40.5 cruising yacht is officially for sale.

Yes, this is BIG news. The dream is still alive and BIGGER than ever as we'll be moving to a sailing catamaran.

Why a catamaran?
Mainly more living space, but speedier passages, increased safety, less crew effort and ability to provide comfortable private cabins for future charter guests. Here's what it might look like.

Where will be buy our boat?
Hopefully, in Florida or the greater Caribbean. Definitely not Australia as boat's are too expensive here. We'll just pack our bags and fly to our new boat where ever that may be.

So whats the new plan?
1). Find a new boat and set it up for extended voyaging and charters.

2). Create a sustainable lifestyle (i.e. cash flow) by offering luxury private charters, SCUBA dive vacations and Eco-tourism sailing adventures. Perhaps you'll be joining us?

3). Establish and manage a philanthropic non-profit organization to make real and tangible contributions to communities we and our guests visit.

Know someone who might be interested in buying a perfectly outfitted cruising boat in Australia?

"La Vie" our Beneteau First 405 is FOR SALE and ideally located to jump off to the best of the South Pacific islands and Great Barrier reef.

Potential buyers click here to check out our web page advertising the sale of La Vie.

Sundowner gathering at Midtown Marina Bundaberg

Bob (s/v White Swan) Steve (s/v Red Sky) and Dave
Nice sunset in Bundaberg
Girls hideout on bow Kathy, Carol (s/v Red Sky) & Dianna (s/v White Swan)

Day at the beach

Monday morning at the Moore Park Beach for a picnic and swim
Wipe out

Our new car

Check out our wheels a 1988 Nissan Skyline Wagon
Purchase price $1850 (asking price was $3000)
Oil Change $27
Cleaning supplies $9
Touch up paint $17
Car wash $7
Vacuum $9
Windshield replacement $200
Use tires X 2 $126
Extra key $7
Safety inspection $58
Registration $416 (includes 3rd party liability insurance for 6 months)
Property damage insurance $58 (total for six months)
Total cost to date $2784

Other important facts:
  • 254,000km
  • A/C is BROKEN
  • AM/FM Cassette player with terrible reception and sound
  • Distinctive color is easy to find in a parking lot.
  • Super powerful ROO lights (for spotting kangaroos at night)

  • We look like locals in rural Queensland.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mon Repos Turtle Rookery

Just a few miles from the boat a 1.5km strip of beach boasts one of the most productive turtle rookeries in the southern hemisphere. November through March sea turtles emerge from the crashing surf to reenact the 100 million year old reproduction ritual. Females loggerhead turtles slip from the sea and clusily make their way to the high water mark under the cover of darkness to lay eggs. Loggerhead turtles first return to their native beach at the age of 30 years, have a shell about 3 feet long and weight about 200 pounds.

Last night we were lucky enough to observe a Loggerhead dig a shallow 1 foot deep nest in the warm dark colored sand and deposit up to 200 eggs in the nest. The female then returns to the sea and leaves the youngsters soon to emerge from the sand in 6-8weeks to fend for themselves. About 1 in 1000 hatchings will survive to maturity and return to beach on which they were born. A Mon Repos Turtle Sanctuary Ranger guided us to the beach and many scientists collected data from the turtle as it laid its eggs.
Watch a quick video: here.

Here are two pictures from last night.

Where in the World are Dave & Kathy?

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Back to Australia

After a thirty day whirlwind visit to the USA we are back in Australia. More on that adventure soon.