Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our new car

Check out our wheels a 1988 Nissan Skyline Wagon
Purchase price $1850 (asking price was $3000)
Oil Change $27
Cleaning supplies $9
Touch up paint $17
Car wash $7
Vacuum $9
Windshield replacement $200
Use tires X 2 $126
Extra key $7
Safety inspection $58
Registration $416 (includes 3rd party liability insurance for 6 months)
Property damage insurance $58 (total for six months)
Total cost to date $2784

Other important facts:
  • 254,000km
  • A/C is BROKEN
  • AM/FM Cassette player with terrible reception and sound
  • Distinctive color is easy to find in a parking lot.
  • Super powerful ROO lights (for spotting kangaroos at night)

  • We look like locals in rural Queensland.

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