Sunday, February 10, 2008

55 hours of Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Bundaberg to Brisbane to Taipei, Taiwan to San Francisco to Kathy's parents house in Santa Rosa, CA.

...Too bad we didn't confirm they would be home!

After one hour in the driveway trying to unsuccessfully call family and friends we give up and head for a hotel.

...a block later we turn around and head back... to check under the doormat... "just in case".

Luck is with us! The key is under the mat and we are in!!!

So, since leaving the boat in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia we've traveled:

Car 1/2 hour from marina to Bundaberg train station.
Meet up with car buyer and wait for train 2 hours.
Train 4 -1/2 hours Bundaberg to Brisbane
Layover 16 hours in Brisbane
Taxi 1/2 hour to Airport
Wait at airport 3-1/2 hours
Plane 8-1/2 hours to Taipei Taiwan
Layover 6 hours at Taipei airport
Plane 10-1/2 hours to San Francisco
Rental car 2 hours to Kathy's parents house.
Figuring out key is under the doormat after 1 hour in the driveway... priceless.

For a grand total: 55 plus hours and 6 time zones.

In the scheme of things no complaints... it's a lot easier taking a 747-400 to weather than a 40' yacht and a heck of a lot faster.

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