Sunday, March 23, 2008


Our new boat will be named "Pacifica"

I say "will" as we must first perform a DE-naming ceremony to avoid offending King Neptune and becoming beleaguered with bad luck.

Naming a boat is always tough and we had many criteria and spend countless hours brainstorming and researching. When we came upon Pacifica the search was over.

Here is what we needed from our new name:
Easily understood on the radio.
Not too long.
Recognizable in many languages.
A name that was unique in the world of boat names.
Easily remembered.
Available iterations
And most of all meaningful.

We were both excited when we came up with "Pacifica" Pronunciation: \pə-ˈsi-fi-kə\

So what does Pacifca mean?

In Spanish it is simply the name used for the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Ocean comes from the Latin name Mare Pacificum, "peaceful sea".

It is also the Spanish feminine form of the Late Latin name Pacificus meaning, "peacemaker".

We like all of these definitions and to us Pacifica, "peaceful home".

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