Friday, July 18, 2008

Atlantic 42 Catamaran Brochure Extracts

Found this description of our boat on the web....

Atlantic 42 Catamaran Brochure Extracts
The Comfortable Fast Cruiser

"Sailing with my children we reached 18.3 knots under main and jib in about 20 knots of wind, it's incredible". Dave Penfield, ATLANTIC 42 owner.

The new ATLANTIC 42 built by Lombardi Yachts, LLC offers cruising sailors benefits and features unmatched by any other catamaran on the market. The ATLANTIC 42 is a thoroughbred cruising catamaran perfected by 50,000 miles of ocean sailing experience by her larger ATLANTIC CATAMARAN sisters.

To realize the true potential of the cruising catamaran, the ATLANTIC 42 is built with premium materials and techniques in order to yield a durable yet lightweight cruising yacht. And she performs! Whether upwind, downwind or across the wind the ATLANTIC 42 will delight her owners with crisp handling and consistent speeds in the teens. The A-42 also excels below deck with a sensible accommodation plan designed for comfortable long term cruising.

Compare the ATLANTIC 42 feature by feature to any boat from any builder and you will see why we think that she is the most advanced cruising catamaran available.


Revolutionary center cockpit design puts the helmsman where he can see forward and SAIL the boat. Sheets, halyards and reefing gear are all within easy reach. The ATLANTIC 42 has a deck layout DESIGNED for single-handed or short handed sailing.


Pilothouse steering station, no other catamaran has this type of all weather comfort. Larger and better equipped galley. Pilothouse navigation station with a 360 degree view of the horizon. Built in workbench and tool storage. Larger queen-sized berths, 6'8" long 60" wide Separate, easy to clean shower compartment.


Unobstructed forward visibility from both steering positions. Less crew fatigue with pilothouse design. Center cockpit design provides maximum crew protection in heavy weather. Reduced possibility of navigational errors with chart table adjacent to helm. Wider overall beam resists heeling, rolling and capsize. Collision bulkheads forward and aft in each hull. 100% buoyant structure, the A-42 is completely unsinkable.


Daggerboards dramatically increase windward performance and improve steering under all conditions.

Lighter weight through modem construction materials. Weight is EVERYTHING in catamaran performance, heavy cats are slow. The ATLANTIC 42 is 30% to 50% lighter than similar size cats from other builders without sacrificing strength. This translates into average sailing speeds being 20% to 40% greater than most catamarans. The maximum attainable speed is often double that of many production built cats.


100% vacuum bagged epoxy/glass construction. (Epoxy is far superior to polyester resin in durability, water exclusion and strength.)

All hull to deck joints are spanned with epoxy/glass reinforcing and will never leak or crack.

Exterior finish in AwlGrip provides far better gloss retention than "gel coat'.

Lifetime interior finish in easy to clean polyurethane.


2'8" draft allows cruising where others can't go. A shallow "bumper fin" permits beaching and protects the props and rudders from damage in event of accidental grounding.