Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cumberland Island National Seashore visit

Today we had a nice, albeight cold hike around Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island National Seashore preserves most of Cumberland Island in Georgia, the largest of Georgia's Golden Barrier Sea Isles. The seashore features magnificent and unspoiled beaches and dunes, marshes, and freshwater lakes.  The island abounds with wildlife including about 200 feral horses, Alligators, wild dear, Armadillos and even a few bald eagles.  In addition to the natural features, the seashore includes some historic properties, such as Dungeness Ruins, once the magnificant site of the Carnegie estate along with the first African Baptist Church where John F Kennedy JR was married.  

We had a strong cold front move through yesterday which made for a rocky anchorage and the onslaught of cold weather.  Ughh!  I thought we left winter behind us!  Today it's about 20 degrees cooler than it has been the last few days.   So we bundled up on our hike today and are now looking at the charts for the next place to head to south of here, continuing to find that endless summer that keeps eluding us.


Wild horse roaming the island grazes in front of Dungeness ruins

A view of the ruins from the backyard

Dungeness ruins

The former grand entrance to the Carnegie estate, Dungeness

Salt MarshDunes advance into the maritime forest

Beautiful diverse landcape from marshlands to windblown sand dunes

Saltwater marsh as low tide

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