Sunday, November 30, 2008

Living it up with the rich and famous in Fort Lauderdale

Ok, so we aren't really living it up with the aforementioned, but we are neighbors.  We were in Fort Lauderdale back in February when we were looking for a boat, but this place is so much different when experinced from the water.  There is just so much wealth here it's crazy and it makes on forget we are in a recession.  There is mega yacht after mega yacht, and many even parked in front of their multi-million dollar mansions.  This really is not a place for cheap cruisers like us.  You can't really anchor, if you find a spot there is a 24 hour limit and then they kick you out.  I don't really blame them, if I had a $20M mansion I wouldn't want some riff raff anchored in front of my house for months on end.  So you need to get in a marina, which for our small boat is probably in the neighborhood of $200 night or more.  Luckily there is a tiny little mooring field that is run by the city.  So we can stay here for the bargain rate of $30/day.  It's a great spot for watching all the activity around and to my luck the swimming hall of fame and olympic pool is across the river so I get some laps in everyday.  The beautiful beach is about a 5 minute walk.  I think we will stay another day.

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