Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cruiser friendly Marathon, FL

Reef near Marathon, FL

We'll be spending  a few days in Marathon, FL to pick up a few last minute items before heading for Key West and the Dry Tortuga's National Park on our way to Mexico.  It nice to be in warm waters again and steady warm weather.  The water is a minimum 72 degrees and the air temperature lows are about the same so it's definitely shorts weather at last.

We sailed down Hawks channel from Snake River to Marathon, FL between the reefs and shallows and thousands of crab or lobster trap floats.  Along the way we landed a fish for dinner when we sailed out into the Gulf stream about four miles offshore.

Marathon, FL is made for cruising sailors with a super friendly city marina that makes the more mundane tasks of a cruiser oh so easy.  Laundry, showers, trash, access to groceries and water are close at hand, as well as a robust social scene, so Marathon is one of those places that can be hard to leave.

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