Thursday, December 25, 2008

Key West Christmas

We gathered around the poinsettia (a stand in for the more traditional Christmas tree) with our stocking and Christmas presents.

After a nice sail, including a lengthy spinnaker run, we made it to Key West on Christmas eve with just enough daylight to join the crowds and festive atmosphere along the waterfront walk. Over a dozen street performers provided live music, juggling and even a mini circus made up of house cats jumping through hoops. Everyone had gathered to watch the sunset. In Key West sunset watching is nearly mandatory and taken very seriously at least by the tourists. Key West could be the Green Flash capital of America. We managed to miss the sunset while watching a high flying unicycles act. After a stroll of the storied and colorful streets we found the perfect people watching restaurant to enjoy dinner. After dinner we enjoyed some live music at Sloppy Joes.

Planning to depart today for the Dry Tortuga's we made one last trip to the grocery store. , but were delayed when we found the fuel dock was closed for Christmas. So, maybe we'll leave tomorrow. We worked on some projects and Dave managed to partially floor the boat in the process while installing a pressure salt water sprayer at the galley sink. The pull out sprayer, like those found in normal homes, uses sea water for the prelimiary rinse of the dishes to save water and allows us to stay away from civilization longer.

We hosted a Christmas dinner party aboard Pacifica with cruising friends John & Mary of s/v Kittywake. We even cooked a turkey... or at least a turkey breast as even it would barely fit in our small oven. Kathy even baked a home made pumpkin pie for desert.

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