Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heading South at last

So we ended up spending 29 days at Puerto Adventuras marina... an unplanned stop.  I am happy to report that the refrigerator is fixed and we again enjoy cold drinks.  We enjoyed a considerable amount of travel inland while waiting for refrigerator parts to arrive and along the way studied Spanish a bit (Kathy two weeks of school and me one).  We also managed to meet up with some friends  and fill the boat with more supplies for the next several months of cruising.

Tomorrow, a early departure from Puerto Advernturas to arrive before sunset at Punta Allen a 55nm sail to the South.  In the next few weeks or so we expect to be in Belize where we hope to stay at least a month and knowing how fast we move probably two.

Internet will be pretty thin the next few weeks, but we'll do our best to keep updating the blog... if we can get online.

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