Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Atolls of Belize

We spent 2 glorious weeks at the outer Atolls of Belize, Turneffe and Lighthouse. We did some off the beaten track exploring, aka, no charts. We used Google Earth for a lot of our navigation. We snorkeled every single day and kayaked most days. We were having a bad fishing streak but decided our first morning there to take the boat outside the reef to try some early morning fishing. In a matter of minutes we caught 2 yellowfin tunas and one skipjack. That fed us and a few of our neighbors for our time out there. We later caught a lobster and finished the evening with a bonfire on the beach. The outer atolls are teaming with nature, turtles, lots of rays, squid (we actually chased a few out of the water), birds, alligators and of course lots of fish. One of our fellow cruisers, Jan aboard Castaway invited me out for a dive (since her husband was taking a break) so that was quite a treat to dive the beautiful coral wall. One night we were treated to a concert aboard Queen Mary. At Half Moon Cay there is a booby bird sanctuary where you can climb a platform up in the trees and see them mating, quite a show! This island is full of large hermit crabs and the elusive leaf footed lizard. We made our way to the blue hole, which was pretty cool to see but probably more impressive to see from a photo. We were blessed with days of very calm weather, i.e. glassy water, so we were able to do some snorkels, dingy traveling and wreck exploring on the windward side of the reef. We made friends with the park rangers and Dave did some bb gun rat hunting with them, yuck! We are now safely tucked away behind Caye Caulker awaiting some very strong winds, 30 knots or so from a large storm up in the U.S.


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