Monday, April 06, 2009

Keeping busy

We've been having some engine trouble and after numerous frustrating attempts to locate the problem, Dave finally discovered that it was something called the stater.  Evidently some of the coils where slightly burne, but not totally so sometimes it started and well sometimes it didn't.  Depended on it's mood I guess.  We ordered the part from the U.S. (they don't have those types of engines down here).  We really had no idea when it would get here, going through customs and all and making it to the island of Caye Caulker.  So we've been keeping busy, laundry, hiking, swimming, wedding planning, the usual.  After one particularly stifling day Dave decided to install the air conditioner which entailed cutting a whole in the bulkhead (he loves cutting holes in the boat)!

Today, Miraculously the part showed up!  After less than a week after we ordered it.  Now that we are free to move about we might head back out to the atolls tomorrow.  

Our New AC installed Dave installing our AC
Laundry drying aboard Laundry drying aboard 'the gypsy ship'

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