Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fishing in Belize

The last several weeks we've been sailing in the outer atolls of Belize. We feel like we are again sailing in the South Pacific. Pristine reefs and so few boats.

The weather is pretty much perfect and just cool enough to be refreshing, but not too cold. Each reef is unique and it's rare to go for a snorkel and not discover a few new things. Reef squid are a new discovery, a curious creatures with big eyes of which they appraise you an equal amount. I was also gifted with a close up encounter with a rare and endangered Napoleon Grouper. I accidentally scared him out of a hole in the reef and he in return scared me with a quick dart past my head.
It's no surprise that the best spots to snorkel are in protected "No Take" areas of the reef. Once outside these areas we look for dinner. Our favorites are conch, non-endangered grouper, grunts, and hogfish. Needless to say we are very much enjoying eating lots of ultra fresh seafood. Too bad lobster is out of season or we truly dine like kings.

When we are sailing in the Big Blue (i.e deep ocean water) far from land we troll lines for pelagic fish such as Tuna or Mahi Mahi.

Below is a nice size Mahi Mahi also know as Dorado or Dolphin depending where in the world you catch them. Regardless, this fish tastes great! The first few days it's sashimi or sushi rolls then from there out we cook it. Simple pan fried Mahi mahi is awesome and needs nothing in terms of seasoning or sauces. I'm convinced that many seasonings and sauces were invented to hide the flavor of OLD fish. After about a week we are ready to go fishing again.

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