Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Backpacking in Honduras

We spent the last week Backpacking around Honduras. Eleven different buses, five cabs and four colectivios (mini-van used as bus). Of the eleven buses we rode one ditched us at the international crossing to Honduras, one got in a wreck, one blew a transmission and all but one old school bus were all pretty scarry with the manic drivers. Good fun all in all... it makes us appreicate our sailing lifestyle that takes us to far off lands with the comforts of home. This backpacking stuff is hardwork and it's so much better to sleep in your own bed everynight.
We hitched a ride in the back of a pickup truck after out bus broke down about one hour outside the Mayan ruins of Copan, Honduras

Zip line adrenaline rush. We rode down 18 different cables strung high in the jungle canopy. One cable was a full kilometer long (0.62 miles) and you got going pretty darn fast.
Blue butterfly we spotted on the Jungle canopy zip line tour.
Kathy heading in for a landing on the zipline.
Pre-Zip line tour. Notice how far we are from the ocean... that's because we are way up the mountian side and this was one kick butt zip line ride that just kept going and going.
Honduran friends from our zip line adventure.
Jungle River where we had lunch. We spent a night at an eco-lodge in the jungle of Honduras. Our room was built over a creek and the jungle sounds in the night were pretty awsome.
Riding one of the many buses from our week of backpacking. This one was a vintage early 70's model exactly like I rode on in grade school. I liked this particular bus and driver as he was very tranquillo which is Spanish for relaxed. I doubt we broke 30 MPH... not sure if the bus could go any faster or the driver was just super mellow. Anyway, a nice change from the (machismo spanish for macho) dare devil drivers that scare you half to death.
Our bus after smashing into the silver pickup truck. No major damage or injuries. Lucky us! We decided not to wait around and instead flagged down another bus. We never got to where we were going that day, but since we didn't have a schedule it was all good fun.
Kathy checks out some fish drying in the sun. I have to tell you this place did not smell good.

Kathy checking out another little town.Can you find the third girl on this bike?

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