Sunday, May 24, 2009

Underway for FL

We are sailing past the island of Cozumel, Mexico as I type. Just picked up a internet signal from one of the hotels ashore... enabling this internet connection adn blog post. We've been underway the last few days from Guatemala heading to the USA with Key West,Florida as our first expected stop.

The first few days of sailing were smooth as we slid North behind the protective barrier reef of Belize. Then as we crossed out of Belize into the open ocean of Mexican waters the wind picked up until we had 25 knots on the beam most of the night. The problem then was slowing the boat down to a more comfortable 8 - 8.5 knots as we were skipping across the waves going much faster than was comfortable. The first few days at sea are always rough and despite our experience I still felt a little sea sick. After my watch I got some great sleep and today I have my sea legs.

Hoping to make Key West, FL by the 27th.

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