Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maiden Voyage of LightSpeed

We finally got out for a sail on LightSpeed. We had the good fortune of taking some new friends along Jack, Nichole and Sam of s/v Kitty Hawk and Guillermo Anderson... Honduras’s best-known World Music Artist.

Sailing conditions were light at best, but it was a beautiful day to get to know the boat. We also had the chance to run the water maker and put a few gallons in the tank. It's a Spectra Catalina 300 and it puts out about 12 gallons an hour which is a luxurious addition to our lifestyle.

Guillermo on lookout as we head out of the congested inner harbor near La Ceiba Shipyard, Honduras.

Sam s/v Kitty Hawk
Nichole and Jack of s/v Kitty Hawk

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