Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Windlass

Cutting holes for a windlass. The Atlantic 42 is composite epoxy with balsa core so when I cut the holes for the windlass I routed out about 3/4" of extra balsa core at the edges. The 3/4" space was filled with thickened West Systems epoxy. Once the epoxy cured I re drilled the bolt holes. By doing this one can ensure that water will not come in contact with the balsa core.
Maxwell RC-8 windlass with 150' of freshly galvanized 5/16" High Test "G4" chain. we brought the windlass down from Florida in two separate bags. This thing is heavy! Then we got lucky and found some chain here in the Rio Dulce that was just galvanized so now we have a windlass! To make room for the windlass we removed one of the A/C units. Seems silly to have any let alone two A/C units on cruising boat. It is nice when you are tied to a dock, but that's not in our budget and where we plan to go there are no docks.

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