Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rio Dulce

Kathy makes Huevos Rancheros from scratch. She even made the tortillas with a new tortilla press ! Yum.
View of the lake taken from the highway bridge shows the lush jungle with a few marinas.
Boardwalk to the bathrooms at Casa Perico a backpacker hostel on the Rio.
Dug out canoe with outboard show that times are changing quickly.
Hanging out at Casa Percio with some interesting travelers from around the world.

Local family fishing with a cast net. The kids paddle and dad expertly casts the net.

Main Street in Fronteras, Guatemala. This is two lane road (see the white line) that carries major commerce between Guatemala and point North. Parked cars, pedestrians, buses and semi-trucks and street venders weave through the chaos. There is no sidewalk so one needs to both look ahead and behind to reduce the risk of being run over.
A major break in traffic! You can actually see some road here!
No rules. Trucks, delivery guy and moped all mix it up.

Mar Marine one of the many marinas on the Rio Dulce at Fronteras. You can see LightSpeed just right of center.

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