Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sailing in Honduras

Tanker crossing our bow.
Inside helm on LightSpeed with a tanker a half mile ahead.
Puerto Escondido anchorage
Puerto Escondido anchorage in Honduras was beautiful and we even heard some howler monkeys.
Dave pondering the "set" of the spinnaker. Sailing along around six knots of boat speed with ten or eleven knots of true wind from almost dead astern.
Our friends on s/v Kitty Hawk anchored in some crystal clear waters.

Approaching the Sapadillos island group in Belize/Guatemala/Honduras. These islands are disputed between all three countries and thus open to visitors from any.
Kathy getting ready to drop the anchor... manually! This Atlantic 42 doesn't yet have a windlass so it's a pretty big job to set up and drop the anchor and back breaking work to raise anchor. We'll be installing a windlass very soon! Looks like a Maxwell RC10-8 with about 150' of 5/16" chain and a Rocna 55 pound anchor will be our primary anchor set up.

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