Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We drank the water

We got sick. After a couple of weeks of drinking 3-4 liters a day to combat the heat and humidity we now suspect water here in the Rio Dulce has caught up with us.
Last week I took Kathy to the doctor with complaints of stomach problems. We got an excellent referral to Dr Francisco, now our de facto primary care physician here in Fronteras, Guatemala. Dr Francisco Arenales is actually a Surgeon so we feel we are in good hands for our trivial ailments.

Kathy was diagnosed with a easily treatable GI parasite likely from the water we've been drinking.

400Q: Consultation including extensive Ultra-sound

190Q: Lots of lab tests

65Q: Medication

655Q: Total or $82USD

Aside from the low cost compared to the USA, no appointment was necessary and the doctor friendly and not in any sort of hurry.

Today it was my turn as my stomach was killing for a second day in a row.

200Q: Consultation AND quick Ultra-sound

190Q: Extensive lab tests

65Q: Medication

455Q: Total or $56USD

Tomorrow, I get my results and we suspect the same little bug is causing the problem.

We are now drinking bottled water at 15Q or $1.88USD for a 5 gallon bottle. Another benefit of a catamaran is you can have a stand up water cooler and it won't tip over.

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