Thursday, August 27, 2009

Columbian Coast Guard

August 27, 2009 (9AM)

12* 10' N
081* 50' W

Anchored at Albuquerque Cays

This morning were boarded by Columbian Coast Guard for an brief inspection of our paperwork. They run a open deep-v boat with triple two hundred HP engines that they say goes 48-52 knots. Must be a pretty rough ride going that fast in the swells. Anyway, very nice guys the commander even took off his combat boots while he was aboard. The crew of the patrol boat stood by in full gear including, long pants, combat boot, long sleave shirts, life jackets and ski masks. Not sure why the ski masks, maybe due to the harsh sun all day? I know I got a nice burn yesterday so it could make sense or maybe for wind burn going so fast.

Some interesting stories from the Coast Guard:

1) A sailboat at Albuquerque Cays was stuck by lightning on Sun/Mon? during a severe squall as the last Tropical waved passed by. Not sure if we know the boaters, but hope everyone is OK.

2) The Coast Guard said they found 4 million USD here at Albuquerque Cays burred on the island using drug and money sniffing dogs. Two days ago! A day late and 4 million short. Hmm. Maybe we should get a dog and taking it for lots of potty breaks. Anybody know how to train a dog to sniff for Ben Franklins?

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