Friday, August 14, 2009

Heading South to Panama

August 15, 2009 (3PM)

Underway Position
14* 33' N
082* 22' W

COG 163*
SOG 8+ knots
Wind 070* @ 11-13 knots true.
Seas 1.5 meters
Sea Temperature 86F
Air Temp ~92F

Underway again today headed South. Possible destination San Andres Island off the Nicaragua coast, but a Columbian island or Bocas Del Toro, Panama or some where near Colon, Panama. At our current speed of eight point five to nine point five knots we would be in San Andres around six in the morning. Destinations in Panama add another two hundred miles or about twenty four hours.

Weather forecast calls for squalls to forty knots starting around midnight tonight and running through Sunday as a tropical wave passes through the region. Hoping we can avoid the most severe squalls and or tuck into San Andres if it gets ugly.

Just had to pause to put a reef in the main as we were going over ten knots and it looks like the wind may keep picking up based on the clouds I'm seeing. A precursor to the tropical wave?

Although we carry a six hundred square foot fully battened main sail it only takes a few minutes to tuck in a reef. Never thought I'd enjoy having the added complication of a power winch, but it sure makes things go quickly and without breaking a sweat. Actually, the breaking a sweat thing is impossible in this weather as it's pretty hot and humid and sweat is a fact of life pretty much twenty four hours a day.

Kathy just whipped up some fish pasta from the nice King Mackerel we caught a few days ago. She's feeling a little sea sick today so kudos for heading to the galley to make lunch. I just woke up from a nice nap and feel fine. Justification for the nap was all the times I got up in the middle of the night last night to check our position and make sure the wind hadn't changed and the anchor was holding. Last nights anchorage was pretty dodgy with coral heads all around. I think the motion of this boat is superior to any I've owned and I can even sit and type on the computer or read on the first day out at sea. I think it might have to do partly with having a pilot house as you can always see the horizon.

I know I've got lots of typo and will need to edit all these underway blog posts. The computer I'm using is a "net book" with only a 8.9" screen and tiny key board. Plus, I purchased this computer in Mexico so the key board is in Spanish and not every thing lines up. Not to mention the obvious that I'm on a moving boat swaying around a bit.

Looks like we'll be having guests in Panama. If you want to visit let's set something up for Sept/Oct as we plan to spend maybe two months in the stunning San Blas islands famous for their Kuna Indians, molas, lobster and amazing beauty. Friends Kent and Heather s/v Hiatus just spent the last two years cruising and they said "San Blas is outrageous...
Very very cool." and "We could have spent the entire two years there easy."

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