Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vivorillo to Cayo Media Luna

*August 13, 2009 (Noon)

15* 30' N
083* 00' W

Location: Underway

Underway to day to Cayo Media Luna a fifty five nautical mile sail. Beautiful conditions and we are starting to learn just how fast our new boat can be. I still have plenty to learn to make her sail faster, but happy today with the high eights to mid nine knot range sailing close hauled in thirteen to fifteen knots of true wind. Very fast, dry and comfortable motion.

The Cayo Media Luna area will be a true adventure as we have zero information aside from a poor chart and it will be eyeball navigation all the way. Beautiful weather for this sort of adventuring and we look forward to finding a great anchorage.

If any of our readers out there want to do a little research and send us some info on "Mosquito" or "Miskito" Cayo/Passage/Channel area or further south on "Isla Grande Del Maiz Island (Corn Islands) area it would be much appreciated. Anchorage info and any WP's would be helpful. Text only (as we can't receive attachments) and send it to any email address you've got for us any will work.

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