Thursday, September 17, 2009

San Blas Kuna Yale

Anchorage Position:
09°35.2554 N
078°52.8879 W
Location Cayo Chichime, San Blas Islands Kuna Yale (Panama)
We've arrived in the San Blas Islands! We checked in to Panama at the tiny island of Porvenir in what could be one of the easiest check in processes ever. They did question us a bit about where we'd been the last 24 days since checking out of San Andres, Columbia. But, even this was not a problem since we had the foresight to add a stop at the Albuquerque Cays to our Colombian 'Zarpe'.
Even before we had the anchor down we had a contingent of Kuna women paddling out to the boat to show us the "Molas" that they have for sale. Google Kuna Indians of San Blas to learn more. Fascinating that a culture could stay so intact as the outside world races by.
A huge rain storm last night kept me up for a few hours monitoring our position as the weather forecaster said we could get to 50 knots of wind in the squalls. Lucky for us we only saw low 20 knots with a period of intense rain.

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