Saturday, October 31, 2009

Short term plans

For the next few days we'll remain in Shelter Bay Marina here in Panama. Repairs to the port side engine are progressing, but with many surprises... mostly unpleasant. While waiting for parts to arrive we've been working on our beach volley ball game, organized a swap meet, organized two Texas Hold'em poker tournaments, lounged at the pool daily, and taken numerous walks in the jungle. we've managed to squeeze in a few boat projects.

Once the engine is running we plan a quick trip to Cartagena, Colombia (about 220nm to the East). We don't need the engine for the trip, but we do need the engine for docking and in the event emergency maneuvering is required. Once in Cartagena we will be taking in the sights and keeping a close eye on the weather. Then off to Stuart, Florida (about 1200nm to the North).

We need to get back to Florida to attend to the marketing and sale of our old boat Pacifica. We've had a few very close deals that may have benefited from our proximity. We'll get Pacifica looking great and back in the water where perspective clients can really appreciate how well the boat is set up. We also have a pretty long list of tasks for our new boat LightSpeed that will be quicker and less expensive to complete in Florida.

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