Saturday, January 30, 2010

Belize CIty and Caye Caulker

Fishing boats at Belize City. Imagine being one of six crew to live aboard one of these vessels for weeks at a time. These boats are typically about 25' long and the majority of the interior is a fish hold! When it's time to set sail visualize 6 fiberglass canoes stacked on deck. And to top it off they still manage to raise sail and navigate these boats to the fishing grounds near the outer atolls 40 plus miles offshore.
Kathy working out arrangement details with a Belize city florist.
Typical, view from the windward (East) side of Caye Caulker
Local artisans showcase island themed works
Typical dock on the windward side. In local lingo this is called a 'bridge'.

Agave Restaurant. Location of our wedding reception dinner.

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