Saturday, January 16, 2010

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January 16, 2009 Still in Providencia. It's 5:45AM and at 6 and 6:30AM I'll listen to our weather Router Chris Parker's forecast for the next few days. If local winds remain strong today we'll postpone heading for Belize (again) and just move the boat about 6 miles North to Low Caye and wait out the weather there. We officially checked out of Providencia yesterday so we need to move or restart the check in / check out process with customs, immigration, port captain and our agent Mr Bush.

11 AM update

Anchor up at 0845 with winds around 15 knots. Sailing nicely around 8-9 knots with a double reefed main with apparent wind of 15 knots just forward of the beam. Seas are 10'ish feet with some as much as 50% bigger or maybe more. Clear skies and aside for the seas tossing us around a bit we couldn't be happier with our progress. The forecast calls for smaller seas over the next few days which will be nice.

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