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January 18, 2009

Anchored at: 15°50.6312 N 083°18.1887 W over sand in 4.5 meters with excellent holding.

Location: Grand Cayos Vivorillos

Today we sailed from the Cayos Cajones to the Vivorillos. Lots of snorkeling this morning at the Cajones from 9:30AM to 12:30PM looking for more Hog fish. No luck. Spectacular snorkeling with an incredible number of fish, but no lobster or conch. These important commercial fisheries are hitting even these remote reefs hard.

The anchor was up by 12:45 and we sailed the 20 nm to the Vivorillos in hopes of finding some shrimp boats anchored here for the day. Go over in your dinghy and strike up a conversation with these guys and before you know it they will be handing you a bag of shrimp. Since we were looking for a big bag of shrimp we took over some freshly baked cookies, a half bottle of rum. Our haul today was at least 15 pounds of tails. WOW. Life is good. It's also a good thing we have a second refrigerator that we can turn on for special occasions such as this. I cooked up about 4 pounds of these monsters and put the remainder in the 2nd frige that is cranked down cold and will hopefully freeze the shrimp solid.

What a feast we had tonight. When it was all over we counted 37 shrimp tails and we are stuffed. The heck with cholesterol these shrimp are awesome.

Snorkeling around this afternoon here in the Vivorillos we also picked up a lobster and three conch. The conch got a get out of jail card and were returned to the sea once we scored the shrimp.

Our current plan is to set sail tomorrow Jan 19 and sail direct to Belize. We need to wait until at least 5 PM or we risk arriving too soon as it would still be dark. The 294 nautical miles remaining should go very quickly with the forecast winds ranging from 15 knots to 25 knots.

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