Thursday, January 14, 2010

Providencia Bus ride

Riding on the Chiva (sp?) bus which is a crudely converted U-Haul truck.
Great beach front restaurant on this low key island.

Kathy in the front seat of the Chiva.

A more down market Sunday lunch spot, but clearly very popular. I also need to point out that it´s A-OK to park you motor bike in the road. Just not enough traffic for anyone to care.

Dan and Loraine of S/v Zephrus on the Chiva bus.
The whole ride around the island was 2500 Colombian Pesos or $1.25 USD. This included many stops exclusivly for us to take pictures, a drop off for lunch a pick up 1.5 hours later then a stop at the beach for 20 minutes just to show off the beautiful island. What a treat. Again, this is one of the last unspoiled places in the Caribbean.

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