Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Warranty repairs update

Warranty repairs update.

Specrtra Water Makers - Is replacing the Clark Pump we just exchanged with no questions asked. They are even sending it to us in Florida for pick up at no expense. Thanks Spectra for standing behind your very solid products.

Icom America - Is taking care of the "clipping" issue on the Icom M-802. This is an old issue, but the radio we just purchased NEW in Colombia... we found out later had been sitting on the shelf since 2003 and the well known issue is covered under warranty. Thanks Icom! we've now owned four of your SSB radios two 710's and two 802's.

ACR Electronics - Not sure what to say at this point. They say the AIS unit has been tested twice and checks out. I've tested it with three different VHF cables and two different antennas. cables. Under my test the unit was only picking up nothing or on good just some ships at 3 miles or less. In the beginning it was picking up ships at up to 55nm out. They say it's good. I am starting to feel very uneasy about taking the unit back. I would like them to replace it and take my observations seriously and really test the unit to find the flaws. My tests ran for several weeks they have only had the unit for less than 24 hours. Stay tuned as I will update on how they follow up on this. At this point I;m asking for a new unit OR to pay for a upgrade. Stay tuned for a update. Keeping my fingers crossed they value our many thousands of dollars spent on their gear.

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