Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedding wrap up

A very special thanks to everyone who joined us for our Valentines wedding in Belize. Thanks for being there for us! It was really a treat to spend time with all of our guests and to share this special event. The wedding week activities, wedding and reception turned out perfect.

Revved up after two weeks going non-stop we kept the momentum going and accomplished several days worth of pre-departure tasks (Check out of Belize, Fuel and provision boat, etc) in less than a day.

For our honeymoon we sailed out to Turneffe Reef to spend a few night recharging. Nature sent out the welcome wagon and we had the joy of being escorted both into and out of the lagoon by dolphins. At South Turneffe Reef we enjoyed some great snorkeling, spear fishing, and even scored a few meals worth of lobsters. Pretty much the perfect honeymoon.

Still charged up and anxious to make progress toward the Panama canal and a crossing into the Pacific Ocean as soon as possible we set out for the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Heading East from Belize toward Guanaja the eastern most of the Honduran Bay Islands is never easy, but the weather cooperated for the 24 hour sail.

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