Friday, March 05, 2010

Arrived Colon Panama

March 5, 2010 7:45 AM EST
Anchored outside of Shelter Bay Marina: 09°22.3814 N 079°56.7496 W
Miles sailed year to date: 1493nm
Miles sailed so far on LightSpeed 3257nm

We arrived safely in Colon, Panama yesterday evening covering the 262nm distance in 32 hours for an average speed of 8.1 knots. Top speed through the water was recorded at 17.1 knots and the best speed the GPS recorded at 18.9 knots. Winds were from 22 to 32 knots for the duration and our focus was on slowing the boat down. Seas built to at least 10'-12' and trying to manage speed became a challenge as gravity kicked in as we surfed down the bigger waves. We ended up settling for just the Jib and this had us going a little slower on average, but with the main up we would surf too fast and too often for comfort.

Heading into the Marina today to get started on the Panama Canal Transit Paperwork. Wind is blowing 25 knots and I'm not excited about manouvering the boat in the confines of the Marina in these conditions.

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