Friday, April 23, 2010

Acapulco, Mexico

La Marina, Acuapulco, Mexico. Work has begun on rebuilding the marina which we hope will be more cruiser friendly. They allow dinghy tie ups to their derilict docks for only $80 pesos a day or about US $7 which seems like a good thing since the Alcapulco Yacht Club next door charges US $30 to dock your DINGHY for the day. To dock our boat would be US $105 plus tax or US $2.50 per foot per day... if they had space which they don't. Better to make friends with one of the sport fishermen who med moor to the seawall and try to tie up there as it's a better location to shopping and lots cheaper.
Sea wall where you could tie up a dink if you had permission from some fishermen. Anchoring a yacht in the harbor is rough with depths in excess of 18-22 meters and super poor holding in a very soft bottom.
Kathy at a overlook of the harbor.
Still a popular car and many can be seen working as taxi cabs.
Mixed use beach. Fishing boats and sunbathers.
Taco vender along the waterfront.
Acapulco from sea at night. I guess you had to be there as it was really cool, unlike this photo which is really blurry.

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