Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coasting along El Salvador

April 12, 2010 6PM local
Position: 12°57 N 088°05 We
Underway towards Mexico
Miles sailed year to date: 2421
Days since I've had a real job: 1686

We spent the last few days relaxing at Marina Puesto del Sol in Northern Nicaragua, it was time to take a breather. Since last November we've been under pressure to be somewhere and had a schedule nagging at us to keep moving. In these last winter months we've planned a wedding, got married, sold our old boat collected 14 passport stamps, sailed nearly 3000 nautical miles and changed oceans by crossing the Panama canal. So a few days in the marina seem justified to enjoy nothing to do and no where to be. Aside from the 3500 miles we want to sail to be in the Pacific Northwest for summer. I still managed to keep busy with the install of a new Autopilot, hand waxing the hull and spending quite a few hours in the pool to escape the heat. Kathy fit in a few runs on the beach and plenty of body boarding on some pretty big waves at the beach. Brant went horse back riding with a local cowboy and caught a few decent surfing waves at the point break. We all enjoyed some great food at a locals restaurant with huge entree servings of chicken, beef or fish for about $3.40 US each.

Not too many boats headed North along the coast of Central America so we feel pretty fortunate to have met up with a few. Lucky for us the crew of s/v Celestial happened to be taking a break at Marina Puesto del Sol as well. It turns out Scott, Donna and Celest are sailing their Tripp 47 named s/v Celestial toward Seattle on about the same time line as us. Back in the early 1990's their family of four circumnavigated aboard their J-36 named Blue Jay (sp?). Celeste was born en route in Austraila... these are real sailors! Today we both pulled out of the Marina within about an hour of each other and had a bit of a race for a few hours. The Tripp 47 is fast, but we held our own pretty well. Sailing was really great with sunny skies and 7.5 - 10 knots in 14 to 15 knots true with pretty flat seas. Unfortunately, we've sailed out of VHF range with Celestial so we hope to cross tacks with them somewhere North of here.

After sunset the wind has started to clock more and more and go lighter so we are now down to 6.3 knots which is not bad, but sure feels slow after so many hours going 8+ knots. We are keeping about 10 nautical miles off El Salvador as we coast North toward Mexico and our next challenge the Gulf of Tehuantepec.

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