Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oaxaca Cheese

April 20, 2010 9AM
Position 15°38'N 096°36'W
Day 1693
Miles 3002 YTD
Miles 29226

Lots of little stops the last few nights. After crossing the Tehuantepec we stopped briefly overnight in Salina Cruz as head winds were making the prospect of motoring into the wind not so enticing.

Next stop Puerto Huatulco and the town of Santa Cruz where we caught up with several other cruising boats whom are also headed north. It was just a quick overnight stop, but we headed into town for some authentic tacos at a street vendors' stand with our friends off s/v Celestial. We also took advantage of the fuel dock and filled the tanks via dinghy as the fuel dock is more suited to small pangas. A cruise ship arrived in the bay so we were asked to move our boats as it could be dangerous to be in close vicinity to the monstrous ship. With the town crawling with cruise ship passengers we set out for the next good bay, Puerto Angel. Turns out it's pretty small, crowded with local pangas and had lots of south swell entering the bay making for a not so peaceful anchorage. We took the dinghy to an old commercial concrete pier which was pretty treacherous with the swell and surge of the waves. On shore we found some Oaxacan cheese that is sort of similar to mozzarella string cheese and a regional speciality of the state of Oaxaca. Many street vendors were serving all sorts of delicious tacos, etc, etc so we sampled a few stalls for dinner then hung out at the pier where a volleyball court was set up and the local kids played on a concrete court.

The anchorage proved to be very unsettled and we didn't get a good nights sleep so we are off for points north today.

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