Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sailing across the Guatemala / Mexico border

April 14, 201- 6:30 local
Position: 14°30.6235 N 092°16.2993 W
Underway toward Puerto Madero, Mexico
Miles YTD: 2695
Day: 1688
Miles: 28919

Sailing across the northern Guatemala border into Mexican waters. Just hoisted the "Q" flag and Mexican flag on the port flag halyard. Glad to be in Mexican waters. We have about 15 nautical miles to go to Puerto Madero, Mexico the southern most port of entry into Mexico.

We decided to pass by both El Salvador and Guatemala due to time constraints. We already spent a few months in Caribbean Guatemala and since customs and immigration fees would be in excess of US $200 for a simple check in / check out we are giving it a pass. Sailing has been good on the diurnal winds (sea and land breezes), but pretty poor otherwise. All of El Salvador offered adverse current to the tune of 2 knots which really hurt as we had to motor a lot and at our motoring speed of 6.5 knots the 2 knot adverse current cut deeply into our daily run.

Hooked into another Marlin today and he gave us a bit of a show thrashing his head out of the water and throwing the hook. We also hooked into a few 20-30 pound Jack Crevalies which are great fighting fish, but apparently poor eating so we released both.

Last night we had a few thunder storms nearby that kicked up tons of dirt. It was strange to smell the strong sent of dirt, cow dung and have ones nostrils burn with the stong scent of acrid chicken shit so far our to sea. Luckily the lightning kept its distance and proved to be a non issue.

Several close passes with fishing pangas had us a little nervous at times in the night as the fishermen in the pangas wouldn't keep an anchor light so we had to deal with intermittent flashes from their flashlights. Pretty nerve racking at times as you never know where their boats are when their lights are out and or if they are really pirates. The tired mind of a night watch keeper tends to wander and imagine all sorts of perils. We also had lots of big ship traffic and Brant was well initiated on the use of the AIS and identification of ships lights at night.

It looks like we will be anchoring outside of Puerto Madero tonight as we are arriving after dark and our rule is: Entering a new port at night is not allowed.

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