Saturday, May 08, 2010

Baja Bash Day 1 evening report

May 7, 2010 11:00PM CST
Day 1712
Position: 23°50'N 110°52'W
Underway Cabo San Lucas, MX toward San Diego, USA
Miles YTD: 4037
Miles since day 1: 30,261

Each night the constellation Canis Major chases Orion across the sky and each night as we head north the Southern Cross sinks lower on the horizon. I especially enjoy the Southern Cross and each time I gaze at the sky I usually humm the Crosby Stills and Nash tune of the same name. ... "when you see the Southern Cross for the first time, you'll understand why you came this way"...

Today we made good progress on our 'Bash' north. Aside from some slow going around the cape we've been making surprisingly good time with light winds mostly under 10 knots and no major influence from ocean currents. At the moment we are going 6.3 knots running the engines at 2600 RPM at which speed they might be delivering 8-10 hp each to the props. Too bad we don't have the 27hp engines now or we'd really be making time. Seas are a bit lumpy and of short period which is a very tangible reminder that the wind is blowing pretty hard somewhere not too far away.

0030 Update: Winds at 15 knots on the nose...

Loving the Banda Ancha 3G internet device that has allowed up to upload two really short videos today while seemingly in the middle of nowhere... simply amazing. It's not working now, but we're hopeful there is another town near the coast somewhere up the line that will again give us a good signal. Kathy is already talking about the merits of a cellular plan with 3G and how we'll save money with a yearly contract. Since we'll be back and forth between BC and Washington I'm not sure how many 'contracts' we'll end up with, but having internet is awesome so I have to admit I'm actually looking forward to a yearly contract as well. Going months at a time without internet in this day and age is a hardship few can truly appreciate.

Looking forward to several days of tasty yellow fin tuna and awaiting for more 'benign' weather for the bash north.

About 686 nautical miles to San Diego remain which is not so bad if we can maintain good speed like we've had this afternoon and evening.

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