Friday, May 14, 2010

Baja Bash

May 14, 2010 Noon MST
Day 1719
Position: 26°45'N 113°49'W
Underway Boca De Soledad (North end of Magdalena Bay) to Bahia Asuncion (About 50nm South of Turtle Bay)
Miles YTD: 4311
Miles since day 1: 30,535

Weather for our Bash North has been pretty good thus far. Winds since 8PM yesterday have ranged from 2 knots to 15 knots with the average of 9.6 knots mostly out of the NW. Long period NW swell and local wind waves have the seas much bumpier than one would expect from only a 10 knot average windspeed telling me that the wind is blowing harder offshore. We've only seen one other boat and that was a fishing panga early this morning as we passed about five miles from Punta Abreojos. In the last 17 hours we sailed 3 when the wind has been in the mid teens providing enough force to keep the sails set. Otherwise it's not worth trying to sail as the confused wave action combined with the quick motion of the catamaran is just slamming the sails too much.

Temperatures have dropped dramatically since we've passed North of Bahia Magdalena with water temps now down to 58 degrees and air temps have fallen as well. Our blood is slowing thickening, but still pretty thin from so much time spent is hot and muggy climates. To combat the chill we ran one of our two Espar 4000btu forced air diesel heaters last night which is quite the luxury.

At the moment we are sailing through an area of discolored water. Not exactly red tide, but definitely lots of biological matter clouding the water a strange color of brownish red.

We expect to have our anchor down in Bahia Asuncion around 5-6 PM this evening and then tomorrow will make an early start for Turtle Bay which roughly marks the mid-way point on the trip from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego.

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