Monday, May 10, 2010

Beach walk that raised lots of questions.

LightSpeed anchored off the sand dunes.

Sea Turtle grave yard.
Not sure what animal this bone belongs to, but we found a bunch of these on our beach walk.
Huge Oyster shell.
This Sea turtle shell had been 'Tag'd' we hope this is not grafiti, but scientist at work.
A HUGE Whale bone on the beach believed to be a Gray Whale.

A dead Sea Lion on the beach.
A large Dolphin dead on the beach. What the heck is going on here?It wasn't all carnage on our beach walk, but nearly so as in the distance vultures work on a dolphin that was just washed ashore.
We think this is a Sea lion
Now that's a clam shell!
Dolphin skull one of three we found.
Sea Turtle on left and two more sea turtle skulls on right AND a dolphin skull.
Another, Sea Turtle shell see the others in the background?
Whale Skull bone?

Sea Turtle shell found on Pacific Coast of Baja near Magdalena Bay.
One of hundreds? of Sea Turtle shells we would find on the beach walk. Also, a whale vertebrae? on the left.

A little research yeilded the following from:

Millions of endangered sea turtles have been accidentally captured or killed over the past two decades by longline, gillnet and trawl fisheries worldwide, according to a new report.

The report, published in the journal Conservation Letters, is the first global assessment of sea turtle bycatch for these three major types of fishing. Bycatch occurs when fishing equipment, such as giant nets or longlines with thousands of baited hooks, snag animals other than what they are intended to catch.

Turtle parts. Most likely this turtle and the hundreds of others we found were victims of incedental by-catch from comercial fishing operations. Most turtle species are endangered. What can we do about this? We can all make sea turtle-friendly choices when buying seafood. Best choices include Maine lobster or lobster from California waters, Calamari, King Crab, Stone Crab and Dungeness crabs, Wild Salmon... don't even think about farm raised 'Atlantic Salmon' and if you must purchase farm-raised fish then make it Tilapia.
Nice Sand Dollars! Ok, despite all the carnage we still managed to joke around a bit.
Turtle shell parts and whale vertebra? Sea Turtle skull in my left hand.

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