Monday, July 12, 2010

Crescent City, California

July 12, 2010

Anchored in Crescent City, California

Today we motored about 70 nautical miles North from Eureka, California to Crescent City, California. Winds were mostly less than 10-15 knots from the North, but the seas were a bit bumpy and confused, especially near Trinidad Head. We choose a course that closely followed the coast, running about 2 miles off the beach to avoid the much stronger winds offshore. A thick blanket of fog limited visibility to less than 1 mile most of the day. As we approached Crescent City the fog lifted to reveal the a beautiful if rugged shoreline studded with rock outcrops whom valiantly battled the relentlessly crashing seas.

Running close to the shore requires constant vigilante navigation and a sharp lookout for crab trap floats that could foul our propellers. However, the trade off is a counter current can often be found near shore to give North bound vessels a add boost as they battle the prevailing Northwest seas and wind.

Once anchored safely in Crescent City Kathy's family friend Jimmy and friend Amy stopped by the boat for happy hour. Jimmy brought along some smoked Albacore tuna which was a real treat.

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